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Musicians: How many songs do you think you'd need to perform to fill out a two-hour gig?
A two-hour gig? That's 120 minutes of on stage performance or setup inclusion? I'll go with stage time, and also assume you've negotiated appropriate setup, and such.Another assumption is genre. I'll assume it's pop structured (as most radio friendly music is these days), so average song time would be roughly 3 and a half minutes…give or take.You're looking at roughly 30 songs. Thats…over 2 hours. Now, that's a rough estimate, as song times vary, etc.Oh, but wait. You'll need to include breaks, for “personnel” i.e. the band members. Normally, the drummer will need the longest break, followed by others. The drummer is using all four limbs continuously, so…they need them.If you're headlining, and depending on what you've negotiated, you might not be allotted “dead air”, so someone's staying on stage on breaks. Usually, that means at least a guitar player and/or the singer. Maybe not a long guitar solo, but…maybe an acoustic filler/singalong for the crowd. Plus, in between banter, there's that too (paring that down was always a plus for us back in the day)So, practice 30ish and get them flawless, because you're only going to need 20ish. Why 30ish? Because…more is good for flexibility. Always. Plus, it allows you to keep your set list semi-”fresh”, while only putting in a little extra work.setlist.fm - the setlist wiki is a good resource for structuring a setlist in a professional way (I wish it was around during the “trial and error” days.)
How can the five major macroeconomic objectives be used to measure the economic performance?
Those macro economic tell us what will happen in the economy, assuming those objectives are met. From the objectives, each economic player including the government will translate it to some set of actions. Then, they implement those sets of actions. They will get result, and compare it with the goals, and get another set of actions. When they achieve their goals, then the whole economy improve.
How do I fill out appraisal form of management by objectives?
The self appraisal form-filling through MBO is one of the simpler methods of self-rating, having almost no ambiguity in the data sought from the appraised.The MBO system of organizational working is a rather systematic one, wherein all jobs are well defined, and meticulously formulated objectives for them are communicated at all levels. Each job has its primary and secondary objectives, which define the scope of the KPAs for employees. During a self appraisal, one is required to clearly set out all, primary and secondary objectives - and as against each of them, mention level of achievement/accomplishment. This can happen through an essay or narrative detailing, a forced distribution system or through the critical incident method.What is important is that all objectives are taken care of during appraisal, and clear and specific evidence of fulfillment is submitted.
How do I fill out the class 12 performance check that is required for the JoSAA?
Thanks for A2A.It's a simple job.Just take printouts ofPage 51 ( for iit's).Page 52(for nit's , iiit's and other gfti's).Page 53 • medical certificatePage 54- undertaking by candidate.Page 55 • switch over between slide , float and freezeComing to the performance check,U have to fill them by yourself.Category cut off marks are uploaded in the official site of josaa.So, have a visit at it and note down the category cut off for top 20 percentile.
How do I choose a major?
Part 1: Everyone says to look at your interests and see what you like. This is true that if you like math and science then it is easy to pick a STEM or engineering major or if you like English and History then it is easy to pick a humanities major. This, however, is only part of the equation.Part 2: Look at who you are as a person. For example, you may like science and math and you can think that Electrical Engineering is a good major. At the same time, you may be a complete extrovert who likes to hang out with people. Maybe in high school, you always found yourself at the mall with friends or found yourself never sitting still. You come to college and want to hang out with people but the EE major requires you to sit down for hours and hours looking at books and learning material. So, in the end, you can still end up not loving your major because you do not enjoy sitting still and for this reason your personality may clash with your major (even though you enjoy the material you are learning). If you were, on the other hand, an introvert who liked spending time alone and playing video games or reading books, then EE could have worked well with your interests AND your personality. Since you will be okay with reading and being alone, you are more likely to be able to handle a major that requires alone time with your favorite books :P. In the extroverted case, the person may have to give up his enjoyment in science and focus on something more “mathy”, something that still works with his personality. So maybe a major in finance or financial economics can be better suited. In such a major, it is beneficial to make lots of friends and connections while still honing skills in (albeit a different type of) Mathematics. Now remember, in the future, if you decide to be an EE major, you will probably need to work on hardware and work alone at your desk. If you do finance, then you can be a Financial Analyst or an Investment Banker in which you will constantly need to make business connections and make presentations and pitch stocks. A major should complement your interests AND it should also complement your personality.Part 3: Certainly choose a major you are interested in. Don't pick something that you don't like. It will be SUCH an annoyance. Sitting in classes that you don't care about is pretty much the HARDEST thing to do. I've had some classes like that. I was taking Differential Equations (at this point, I was done doing math). Technically speaking, I was pretty good at learning the material and scoring good grades but practicing for those exams really burnt me out. Some people who may not have been as good in math still got higher scores than me because I honestly lost interest in. So pick a major which has classes you will enjoy or not mind.Part 4: Pick a major that will lead to a successful career. Unless you are the next Pablo Picasso, try not to major in Art. You can certainly double major or minor in it but doing Art as a sole major may not be a good choice. Definately look up careers of specific majors and see if you will like doing such jobs. Make sure you check the average salary to see if you will be willing to live with such a salary for the rest of your life. Sometimes, the fact that you are not willing to settle for a salary can motivate you to work harder (although such an effect is more likelt to happen if part 1, 2 and 3 are already in play).Part 5: Don’t let ego get in the way. Sometimes, you have to know when to give up on a major (other times you can improve by just working hard). I have seen people who destroyed their GPAs because they had too much ego. One person I knew was majoring in CS. I suggested he switch to IT major because he was not putting in the work that a CS major required. But he thought that he was "too good” for the IT major. This really messed up his GPA and college career. Either put in the work, or let go of your ego.That's all I’ve got for now but I may add more later.Hope that helps:)
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