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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Da form 2823 fillable

Instructions and Help about Da form 2823 fillable

Music hello and welcome to one of many videos designed to increase awareness and understanding the programs that affect the quality of life of enlisted soldiers I am command sir major Ward L Jefferson the US Army Human Resources command command sir major the army cares deeply about our soldiers and their families sometimes events take place in our families lives that require soldiers presence in a location for humanitarian reasons and not army readiness or career development all services have humanitarian programs and an army we call this program compassionate actions in this video we will familiarize you with the compassionate actions process first let's start with the definition of compassionate actions in accordance with Army Regulations 614 200 compassionate actions are requests from individual soldiers when personnel problems exist with their authorized family members for the purpose of a compassionate and authorized family member includes spouse child parent minor brother or sister person and local parentheses are the only living blood relative of the soldier other persons including parents in law may also be considered provided they are documented as authorized family members compassionate requests must be initiated by the individual soldier concern spouses of soldiers enrolled in the married army couple program will receive compassionate consideration unless otherwise indicated in their remarks sections of DEA form 37:39 application for compassionate actions however this does not guarantee favorable consideration compassionate consideration will be given for problems that cannot be resolved through the use of leave correspondence power of attorney or the help of family members or other parties compassionate consideration will be given only for family members as explained earlier a family member includes spouse child parent minor brother sister person and local apprentice or the only living blood relative of the soldier there must be a valid MOS and grade authorization after requested installation activity the director of enlisted personnel management Directorate Human Resources command may waive the MOS and great authorization when a valid MOS and grade authorization does not just at the requested installation or activity and the office of the Surgeon General has a recommended approval waiver of MOS and grade authorization will only apply to extreme cases involving the soldier spouse or child soldiers having an unfulfilled enlistment commitment must sign a waiver statement if their compassionate request is approved soldiers requesting compassionate reassignment from oak onus locations or medical care for family members is not available as determined by an appropriate medical authority must submit appropriate medical documentation verifying care is not available the following are the types of compassionate actions that we do there are two types of compassion requests one is when the personal problems are temporary and can be resolved within a year and the second type is when the personal problems are not expected to be resolved within a year the following criteria is in addition to the previously listed criteria for temporary problems it must be temporary and resolved within a year it must not have.

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